Located in Maine

Forest Circles
a spiritual center for community and healing

Forest Circles Topsham, Miane

Forest Circles is a magical place in the woods of Maine, where earth's bedrock and forest spirits welcome you. Forest Circles is committed to helping people "find their way back to their spiritual hearts." We provide programs which offer individuals an opportunity to reconnect with their bodies, their spiritual hearts, community and the Earth.

All are invited to participate in our classes on healing techniques, individual and group retreats, environmental programs and events which explore multi-cultural spiritual practices.

    Special upcoming events include:
  •  Healing Offerings
  •  Classes/Programs
  •  Heart-Centered Community Circles for self-guided spiritual exploration
  •  Individual and Group Retreats at Forest Circles

Our mission at Forest Circles is to provide for you the opportunity to locate and then maintain your center of peace and health. Be it a spirit journey or a physical journey into the forest or taking a class, we will walk beside you in integrity, respect and joy as you find your serenity, your spiritual center.


"Locate the place where you can hear the Divine speaking to YOU!
Learn how to listen to and navigate, using your 'heart compass.'
Discover what you need to BE the great spirit that you are."

~~Regina Strongheart

Forest Circles Heart and Feather Logo
Contact Regina Strongheart by email rstrongheart@gmail.com or phone 207.776.3152
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