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The dream of Forest Circles was first conceived in a vision Regina experienced in 2000. She was told to search for a sacred piece of land that was waiting for her, waiting to be rediscovered. Having experienced numerous solo pilgrimages, Regina used her "heart compass" and the assistance of spiritual guidance to find the land. In 2003 she found it. From the moment that her foot touched the earth, she knew, that "this was it."

The 47 blessed acres on which Forest Circles is located continues to provide visitors with uniquely personal mystical experiences. Overnight solo retreats in the forest are popular.

This land welcomes and heals you! Come for a gathering, a retreat or a walk. All are invited to experience this parcel of Earth that is eager to communicate and teach you how to find you way back to your heart!


Regina Strongheart has a BA in biology and a Master's Degree in the Art of Teaching from the University of New Hampshire. She previously worked in the medical field for eight years and as a high school chemistry and biology teacher for twenty-nine years. An intuitive reader, medical intuitive and healer, she uses various Shamanic techniques in her healing work. Regina has participated in numerous health fairs, seminars and lectures. Currently she has a healing practice and offers workshops and classes out of her Center for Community and Healing, at Forest Circles in Topsham, Maine. Contact Regina by telephone at 207.776.3152, by email at rstrongheart@gmail.com, or fill out a registration form on our Contact page.

Chief Oscar Mokeme

Chief Oscar Mokeme (Traditional Arts Master: Traditional Healer, Maine Arts Commission) founder & executive director of The Museum of African Culture, Portland, ME, comes from a long lineage of Igbo royal family of the healer practitioners Umu-Dibia from Nigeria and is a direct inheritor of this ancient wisdom. He has over 35 years experience as a healer practitioner. Igbo traditional medicine includes: skill developments; creation of vision; solving addiction issues; pluralistic cross-cultural-psychotherapy; dealing with grief; Ill–Agwu–channeling of positive energy; divination (afa) clearing and fertility issues. Oscar's background include a BA in Humanities, New Hampshire College; an MA in Psychology, Union Institute; and a 2001 Jefferson Award on Cultural Diversity. Oscar is a Nigerian priest and teacher, internationally known for his work as a healing practitioner and performer of traditional African Mask Ceremonies.

Ray Reitze Jr

Ray Reitze Jr., Teacher, Naturalist, and Master Maine Guide. Years ago, Ray was called to teach the skills and philosophy of the elders that have shaped him since he was a boy. Founder of Earthways, School of Wilderness Living, Ray brings to the world a gentle and humble presence that draws all who meet him towards the peace, light, and love that dwells within him. Ray is author of And We Shall Cast Rainbows Upon the Land, a book of wisdom and teachings from both Ray and Grandfather, a Mic Mac elder who greatly influenced Ray's life direction and purpose. He speaks on wilderness survival at numerous public schools and organizations such as L. L. Beans's Outdoor Discovery Schools and the Maine and New Hampshire Audubon Societies. Ray and Nancy co-authored a series of articles on primitive skills entitled "Grandfather's Teachings."

Jaclyn Ouillette

Jaclyn Ouillette has a BA in Outdoor Education with a concentration in Wilderness Leadership and Adventure Education. She is a Wilderness Therapy Guide and a certified instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School. She is currently expanding her studies with the Four Winds Society in Shamanic Energy Medicine. She has been blessed with many teachers along her journey including Mother Nature and her strong connection to the mineral kingdom. She creates handmade gemstone jewelry, is a painter of her visions and dreams, enjoys playing her crystal singing bowls, and also sells healing crystals. Her life mission is to help lift up individuals and communities to their highest potentials, guiding people back to their own wisdom, and walking in right relation with the Earth.

Jeffrey Hotchkiss

Jeffrey Hotchkiss, Reiki Master Teacher, has begun his elder adventure, as a devoted student of his first grandchild. With his ten years doing and teaching Reiki, he still has much to learn, to equal the healing power of her smile.
Jeffrey’s passion is elder healing, highlighting the truth that, like the children, elders belong in our communities, as our healers. He supports that effort working as an emergency medical technician, and driving a bus for those in need. He also loves to teach Reiki, from beginners to Reiki Masters. For more information, see www.jeffreiki.com, and www.eldersbloom.org.

Reiki Training at Forest Circles
Jeffrey Hotchkiss is now offering all levels of Reiki training at Forest Circles.  At Forest Circles, we will hold as much of the training as possible outdoors, with the guidance of the woods, the creatures in it, and the ground it springs from.  Classes are scheduled as people request them, and are purposely kept small, with a maximum of four students (minimum of two for Levels I and II), allowing individual attention and mindful guidance from the teacher.  All classes are full eight-hour days, with an emphasis on hands-on practice.  Level III and Reiki Master Teacher require a phone interview for mutual expectations.   Reiki Master Teacher is a 2-day class.  See www.jeffreiki.com/classes.html for rates and more info.


As a Shamanic and Earth Energy Practitioner Paul W. Knoll, M.A. has extensive experience with assessing and understanding the spirit of place and people. His holistic methods identify the multiple energies that reside in our homes and work spaces, on the land that surrounds us, and the spirit that is our heart, essence, and passion.

The most poignant, yet basic way, to describe Paul’s work is that he helps his clients remove the energetic, emotional, and spiritual clutter that has gathered at their sacred space (home or work), and around their hearts over time. It is this clutter that is holding us back from following and believing in our true path and passions. Through different multi-cultural Shaman healing and earth energy practices, Paul helps his clients understand and take exciting steps to reconnect with the spirit of their sacred space and their heart, from where our truest passion emanates.. 

As a dowser and intuitive in relating to and understanding the spirit of place, Paul works with his clients to strengthen the relationship between their spirit and the spirit of their place. An open and loving relationship between place and people brings amazing blessings and tranquility to the place and to the people. Often times this work helps client takes positive steps in their spiritual and heart centered journey.

Paul's work with his clients can include dowsing, geomancy, earth acupuncture, earth pinning, and shamanic practices. In 2003, Paul founded New England Dowsing and recently expanded his services to include Shamanic practices, and so renamed his practice, "Trust Your Spirit." He works with people on their land, in their homes, or at his Yarmouth office.

Paul has worked with medical intuitive, chiropractors, acupuncturists, dowsers, psychics, reiki masters, place healers, Native American spiritual guides, and shamans. Each practitioner has shared wisdom and knowledge that Paul enjoys passing on to his clients and students. Paul completed a year-long Shaman Apprenticeship with Maine’s Dory Cote, and he is excited about further expanding his work in this sacred tradition. Paul's earth energy work was mainly taught by JJ Moeller.

Paul teaches workshops at Leapin Lizards (Freeport and Portland, Maine), Forest Circles (Topsham, Maine),  and for organizations across New England. He is also a regular contributor for the bi-monthly holistic journal, "Inner Tapestry," which is distributed throughout New England. Originally from Pennsylvania, Paul now resides in Maine with his two daughters, a German Shepherd named Koda, and several other pets. More information is available atwww.trustyourspirit.org.

Contact Regina Strongheart by email rstrongheart@gmail.com or phone 207.776.3152
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