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"the insistance that I project is coming originally from you and especially your heart wanting to be free
of the restrictions that it has been limited by.........." ~Regina Strongheart

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"Strongheart Healing"

With warmth, joy and wisdom Regina will illuminate the gate to your inner being. Experience the security of a patient and loving guide as you journey into your heart , into luminous self knowledge. As you relax on her table, Regina allows her intuitive self to find a key to unlock the door to your truest self. Using healing energy, spirit journeying and medical intuition, Regina will assist you in finding health and peace.

Weekly Medical Intuitive Readings/Energy Healing Sessions
Individual & Group Healing Sessions (by appointment)

Strongheart Healing provides healing space in a quiet, natural, wooded environment.

Strongheart Healing

Regina's healing modalities include: medical intuition, past-life regression, spirit-guided imagery, and healing using the transduction of pure Universal energy.

The healing work is done at the cellular and energetic levels, resulting in a more balanced physical, emotional, and spiritual body. Focus is on the whole self and produces immediate energetic changes in one's physical body.

Regina works with adults, children, and small groups, facilitating multi-level healing. Call 207.776.3152 for an individual or group healing session at our "high-powered healing space" at Forest Circles.

Find your way back to your HEART. . . your center--your essence!

Medical Intuitive Training Classes
Medical Intuitive Training Classes

This four week intensive is for those who have a background in human biology/physiology and or are working in the medical field and wish to incorporate medical intuitive modalities into their healing work. We will use shamanic exercises, art, spirit journeys, group practice and hands on experiential modalities to enhance your abilities. Participants will actually learn to scan anotherís body!

You will learn how to interpret the information received when doing a medical intuitive reading. Instruction will also include the ethical/spiritual responsibilities of the medical intuitive practitioner. Distance scanning and healing techniques will be covered. This class will greatly enhance the healing capabilities for any health care practitioner.

If you wish to enhance your ability to sense and then interpret imbalances in both humans and animals then this is the class for you.

Fee is $240 and requires a nonrefundable $100 deposit. There are 4 classes that meet for 3 hours @ each session.

Contact Regina at 207.776.3152 or e-mail rstrongheart@gmail.com about this ongoing class.
Dates and times are determined by class consensus.

Developing Your Personal Healing Gifts Classes

Are unusual things happening to you: dreams, body energy shifts, sights and sounds, people being drawn to you for help?
do you feel a pull to do something with these gifts?
do you want to find others experiencing the same?
would you like to develop your own healing, helping techniques?

I am offering a program for those who are looking for guidance and peer support during this important time of transition.

Given that all of us are uniquely different, each of us has been blessed with a healing style that works best in our bodies and with spirit.

As we meet in a series of classes, participants will participate in personalized as well as group lessons and activities which will assist in defining and developing your gifts.

Part II, an additional 4 week advanced class is available. Classes are on going.

This course is designed and taught by an experienced professional educator, scientist and healer. The classes, assignments and organization will reflect this expertise.

  • Maximum class size is 3
  • 1 – 3 hour class/week, flexible times
  • Fee $240 $100 non-refundable deposit required
  • This is a on going class call for times and dates.

To register call Regina at 207.776.3152 or e-mail rstrongheart@gmail.com

Women's Group Retreat by appointment

Regina offers her sacred healing space and the forest for your own personalized retreat. Consider a day or two with friends, co-workers, family and others of like mind who want to gather. At Forest Circles supported by your group, come together to rest, relax, rejuvenate and rejoice in who you are and where you want to go next. Regina offers opportunities for guided meditation, free-form group discussion, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, hiking, a night-time bonfire, drumming, art activities and group activity sharing. Pretty much however the group wants to spend the time at the retreat can be facilitated. Pot-luck meals are a significant part of all gatherings at Forest Circles. The fees vary with the program and are very reasonable.

To register call Regina at 207.776.3152 or e-mail rstrongheart@gmail.com

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Contact Regina Strongheart by email rstrongheart@gmail.com or phone 207.776.3152
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