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"Strongheart Healing"

With warmth, joy and wisdom Regina will illuminate the gate to your inner being. Experience the security of a patient and loving guide as you journey into your heart, into luminous self knowledge. As you relax on her table, Regina allows her intuitive self to find a key to unlock the door to your truest self. Using healing energy, spirit journeying and medical intuition, Regina will assist you in finding health and peace.

Learn more about Strongheart healing and classes here

Solo and Group Retreats at Forest Circles (by appointment)
Spiritual Retreats and Vision Quests in the Forest
The magical land at Forest Circles

Spend a weekend, a week, or just a night on the 24 acres of magical land at Forest Circles. Regina will provide spiritual preparation time with those who choose it. Then she will assist you in finding "your" primitive camp site on the land. There is a small shelter that is also available. At the completion of your solo experience, she will provide debriefing time as you complete your quest. All who have done this retreat have been deeply moved!

Call 207.776.3152 for details and registration.

Customized Group Retreats

Regina will assist you in custom-designing a retreat for you and your friends, coworkers or family at Forest Circles. The choices are many: a single day, an overnight, a weekend or more. We can accommodate up to eight for an overnight (with sleeping bags) at Regina's residence. (We are on the "look out" for a yurt for future gatherings and would appreciate help in locating one––a trade is an option.)

Group Retreats in Maine

Some suggestions for share time are:

  • hiking and experiencing the magic of the forest
  • open-ended group sharing activities
  • team-building activities
  • guided spirit journeying
  • primitive camping in the forest
  • fireside gatherings at the fire pit
  • spiritual rituals
  • the "joy of potluck dining"!

Feel free to call 207.776.3152 or email rstrongheart@gmail.com Regina with your ideas.

Fees for the retreats are based on the individual retreat program.

New Moon Ceremony

With Chief Oscar Mokeme

These unique five hour retreats will have varying themes: forgiveness, clarity, release and nature elements

New Moon FireIn many ancient cultures the phases of the moon are celebrated and honored. The new moon is recognized as a sign of new beginnings while the full moon is a sign of completion.

African Spirit maskAt "Forest Circles" we offer a 5 hour intense experiential workshop every three months, using the rhythm of the new moon, meditation, movement, drumming, discussion, and the teachings from ancient indigenous African wisdom to help define our desires and manifest our intentions. Experience an African Spirit mask come to life! Are you willing to listen with and trust the voice of your soul calling you to return to stillness and truth without judging or trying to interpret or becoming defensive? Can you just listen and trust?

We will conclude the evening gathering around the sacred fire, witnessing an African Spirit mask come to life. The Spirit mask will bless and help each participant release whatever holds them back from manifesting their intentions. It is our dream that these intentions will be realized by the next full moon

All people are invited.

  • Upcoming New Moon Ceremonies are tbd or listed on the calendar.
  • Fee: $50 – $75 Register by calling
  • Minimum enrollment is required, potluck!
  • To register call Regina at 207.776.3152 or email rstrongheart@gmail.com

Chief Oscar Mokeme

Museum of African CultureChief Oscar Mokeme Founder & Executive Director, The Museum of African Culture, Portland, Me. Oscar comes from a long lineage of Igbo royal family of the healer practitioners, Umu-Dibia from Nigeria and is a direct inheritor of this ancient wisdom and has over 35 years experience as a healer practitioner of Igbo traditional medicine. He has a BA., Humanities, MA., Psychology, 2001 Jefferson Award on Cultural Diversity, Awarded the Traditional Arts Master: Traditional Healer Maine Arts Commission.

Heart Teachings with Old Turtle

Ray ReitzeJoin Ray Reitze, Master Maine wilderness guide, spiritual teacher and author at Forest Circles.

...... then look at a story wheel,
see what keeps you from that place ,
see how people create their own destiny

The story wheel is a medicine wheel. Life revolves around the rim and people run their life story here while our actual place is in the middle.

We have forgotten that it’s not all there in the rim! The hub of the wheel is pure love....our heart. It does not move. This is our center, the I AM.

Ray has a style of teaching that will warm your heart and still your mind! All will benefit from this evening with this gentle spirit.

Date: March 22
Time: 4 - 8 pm to be held inside round the fire during winter
Fee: $20 - $30
At: Forest Circles, Topsham, Maine
Bring a yummy dish for potluck!!
To register and for more information call Regina @ 207.776.3152 email

Grandmothers Circle ~ For women of all ages
Grandmother Cicle Maine

Bringing in the energies of the Grandmothers! Stories, lessons and encouragement from three gifted wise women.

You are invited to a truly unique and powerful gathering featuring three of our most gifted local international healers and teachers. This is a gathering of courageous women who are committed to self discovery and living fearlessly.

Learn how to become more independent, "break the mold", embrace the divine feminine and find the absolute wisdom of your heart.

Previous teachers:
Rev. Gloria Jeanne Nye is an Ordained Spiritualist Minister, National Spiritualist Teacher, Certified Medium and Spirit Releasement Therapist. She is blessed with the spiritual gifts of Clairsentience, Clairaudience, and Clairvoyance and has served three churches in Scotland.

Jill Turner lives in Sanford, Me. She is a teacher, channel and healing facilitator for Tushwa. She has been a Reiki healer for over 25 years and travels around the world with her healing work.

Maureen McGarrity, from England, is a Reiki and hands on healer. She is an Earth healer, travelling to sacred sites working with Earth's leylines, plates and crystals.

Ongoing at Forest Circles Topsham, ME.
To register call 776-3152 or email Regina rstrongheart@gmail.com
Fee: $20 - $30


Healing Meditations

Order "Healing Meditations," a guided meditation CD channeled by Regina. Call 207.776.3152 or e-mail rstrongheart@gmail.com to order. The price is $18.00 which includes postage. The CD contains two guided meditations which span a total of approximately 45 minutes. Regina will gladly refund your money, minus postage, if you are not happy with the resulting peace and spirit journeys that you experience when listening to the "guidance" on this special recording.

Contact Regina Strongheart by email rstrongheart@gmail.com or phone 207.776.3152
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