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"I have participated many times with Regina in her guided imagery sessions, and each one has been enlightening and full of joy. She has a quality of gentle concentration that makes it possible for even the shyest person to respond to her leadership for inward journeys. Her ability to hear while maintaining respectful objectivity is remarkable. I have known her for eight years as physician, friend and counselor, and she has always maintained the highest standard of ethical conduct. Her intuitive work has been clearly valuable to me, and I have been impressed with her ability to work intuitively within appropriate boundaries."
Mary M. S., D.O., Family Physician


"Testimonial for Regina: Regina Strongheart's "Developing Your Personal Healing Gifts Class" has helped me return to my path better than any weekend workshop, seminar, or book I have used. The two months of classes with her and my two classmates gave me the consistent support and guidance I needed to cut through my own baggage and live from my heart again. Regina's ability to intuit each person's needs to further his or her gifts coupled with a weekly format allows the student to receive and integrate each new piece from each class. It is not an overflow of information. The class does not just provide information on developing your gifts, but coaches you along the way, helping you to integrate the lessons into daily living."


"Developing Your Personal Healing Gifts” is an excellent class for those who desire to begin a journey in developing and enhancing their healing gifts. Regina is a knowledgeable and intuitive teacher who skillfully points you in the right direction. In this workshop, you will be challenged and encouraged to find and discover your spiritual journey. The exercises will guide you as you practice using your personal gifts, talents and skills. Through this class you will discover and realize the magic of your healing powers."
Claire, retired hospital administrator/healer


"This class found me. I was going through a personal and professional transition. I felt that there was a part of me that needed to be “tapped” into. The “Developing Your Personal Healing Gifts” classes were exactly what I needed to get me on my way. I met others who were searching for something similar. The intimacy of the class site provided a supportive, relaxed environment. We shared experiences and learned from each other as well as ourselves. Regina has an excellent way of being a catalyst, a teacher and a friend. Her teaching style guided us, her personal and professional experiences inspired us and her strong, supportive nature challenged us to reach our goals."
Michelle, healer/massage therapist


"Regina assists you in locating that place we've all been searching for, that place that many fallacies of society steer us clear from. She uses her own experiences including those of fear and judgment to guide you. She is a guide, a mentor, a teacher. Her wisdom precedes her."
Prescott, teacher/healer


"Regina helped me slow down and truly look at my world through my heart. She was supportive and kind but also willing to push me to look within for my answers. Regina helped me remember how to tip the balance back toward joy. She knew when to listen and when to gently encourage me to try something new. Regina helped me make decisions to bring greater happiness back into my own life as well as take more chances."
Mary, program executive director


"Regina’s classes open a door some of us never knew existed. She establishes a comfortable environment to experience these unexplored dimensions in a playful but thought provoking way. I thoroughly enjoyed her classes and they changed my perspective on the possibilities...."
Denise, healer/physical therapist


"Regina had flexibility in adding a second class. She listens to guidance while facilitating. A curriculum is planned and she also lets the work go with what the class members are engaging with within their lives and deeply with the class offerings. I received many blessings with her facilitation of the "Developing Your Personal Healing Gifts" class."
Sue, healer/student


"Thank you for allowing me to take part in the “Developing Your Healing Gifts” class. This class, as well as the previous class, had such wonderful and interesting people with so much to offer our world and I feel privileged to have been able to be a part of it. It far exceeded what I came to learn. I have an inner peace that just wasn't there before. The greatest gift I received from your class was the now knowing how to ground myself and be open to my heart space. It is not a mystery any longer! Please know that I am so awe filled and feel so inadequate to articulate exactly the joy, peace, and excitement I feel. I give great gratitude to the universe to have been able to be a part of this.Thank you for being who you are and what you are; a great healer and teacher, not to mention a wonderful person to know."
Elsie, healer/colon hydro therapist


"I first met Regina Strongheart at a healing fair in Southern Maine. After a brief conversation I knew that I just had to enroll in her “Developing Your Personal Healing Gifts”class. I had felt that I had the potential and the calling to be a healer and had been searching for a class to help me and guide me. I first met Regina Strongheart at a healing fair in Southern Maine. After a brief conversation I knew that I just had to enroll in her “Developing Your Personal Healing Gifts”class. I had felt that I had the potential and the calling to be a healer and had been searching for a class to help me and guide me. Being a beginner on this journey, Regina never once let me feel out of place or that I couldn’t contribute to the class. On the contrary, she continually challenged me to let go of my negative thinking and self judging and push through to having faith in my self and my abilities. Regina is a gifted and talented teacher who brings compassion and practicality to each class. With her guidance I began to see my gifts develop and myself as a healer. In Regina’s class, I met wonderful women on a similar path and with Regina’s help we formed a strong support system for each other. We laughed, cried, struggled and broke through personal barriers. Then we asked for more! The first class was so good that we requested a part two. This, as expected was even better. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to develop their healing gifts whether they are a novice or already practicing a healing modality but wish to learn and grow in their gift."
Michelle, teacher/healer

Contact Regina Strongheart by email rstrongheart@gmail.com or phone 207.776.3152
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