A dream

First conceived in a vision Regina experienced in 2000, she was told to search for a sacred piece of land that was waiting, waiting to be rediscovered. Having experienced numerous solo pilgrimages, Regina used her “heart compass” and the assistance of spiritual guidance to find the land. In 2003 she found it. From the moment that her foot touched the Earth, she knew, that “this was it”.

becomes reality.

The 24 blessed acres on which Forest Circles is located continues to provide visitors with uniquely personal mystical experiences. Overnight solo retreats in the forest are popular. Come for a gathering, a retreat or a walk. All are invited to experience this parcel of Earth that is eager to communicate and teach you how to find you way back to your heart.

Our Founder

Regina Strongheart is the founder and owner of Forest Circles. She has a BA in Biology and a Master’s Degree in the Art of Teaching from the University of New Hampshire. She previously worked in the medical field for eight years and as a high school chemistry and biology teacher for thirty years. As an energy healer and medical intuitive, she uses various Shamanic techniques in her healing work. Regina has participated in numerous health fairs, seminars and lectures. Currently she has a healing practice and offers workshops and classes out of her home at Forest Circles. Regina recently finished writing her memoir and can’t wait to share her extraordinary adventures with others. Contact Regina by telephone at 207.776.3152, by email at rstrongheart@gmail.com, or fill out a registration form on our Contact page.

Synopsis of Regina’s published memoir:

When My Mother was a Mountain

In the summer of 1996 my life took a detour during a solo camping trip to South Dakota. My only companion was my German shepherd, Doug. It was then that some unimaginable things happened. I sensed emanations from the land, saw the ghosts of Indigenous people, and watched birds morph before my eyes. The journey lead to a spontaneous transformation from ordinary science teacher into medical intuitive and healer. During my trip I encountered dangerous storms, generous Native Americans, and confusing encounters with others. In my journal, I documented my near catastrophes, metaphysical anomalies, and the incredible sadness of the area. While writing the memoir I relived my childhood, growing up in the farmlands of New Hampshire.

In South Dakota, I stumbled into one diverse, and sometimes frightening, group of people after another. I discovered how judgmental I’d become and how I used this to distance myself from others. I realized that I had built a protective wall around myself.

Relaxing in my tent on the prairie, I mused about the connections between the Laws of Physics and the workings of the Universe. I never lost my childhood curiosity about Nature and on my trip that wonder flourished.

Ultimately I learned to swallow my pride and fears of rejection, and to trust my inner personal compass. It was the journey west that reminded me of my strength to scramble out of vulnerability and once again embrace my independence.

Soon after that, my intuitive and healing gifts began to unexpectedly appear and grow. At one point during a spontaneous meditation I was told a magical piece of land was waiting to be rediscovered. I trusted my intuition would lead me to it and it did. I found it and created my business, “Forest Circles,” where I host programs featuring various traditional practices and where I offer my own styles of medical intuitive and energy healing.

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“I have participated many times with Regina in her guided imagery sessions, and each one has been enlightening and full of joy. She has a quality of gentle concentration that makes it possible for even the shyest person to respond to her leadership for inward journeys. Her ability to hear while maintaining respectful objectivity is remarkable. I have known her for eight years as physician, friend and counselor, and she has always maintained the highest standard of ethical conduct. Her intuitive work has been clearly valuable to me, and I have been impressed with her ability to work intuitively within appropriate boundaries,

— Mary M. S., D.O.

“Regina Strongheart’s “Developing Your Personal Healing Gifts Class” has helped me return to my path better than any weekend workshop, seminar, or book I have used. The two months of classes with her and my two classmates gave me the consistent support and guidance I needed to cut through my own baggage and live from my heart again. Regina’s ability to intuit each person’s needs to further his or her gifts coupled with a weekly format allows the student to receive and integrate each new piece from each class. It is not an overflow of information. The class does not just provide information on developing your gifts, but coaches you along the way, helping you to integrate the lessons into daily living.

— Andrew