Begin your Spiritual Quest

Forest Circles offers both solo and group retreats onto its 24 remote, forested acres. Join one of our existing programs or book a customized retreat to embark on your spiritual journey. Register for a retreat by contacting us directly or submitting an interest form on our Contact page.


Spiritual Retreats and Vision Quests in the Forest

Spend a weekend, a week, or just a night on the 24 acres of magical land at Forest Circles. Regina will provide spiritual preparation time with those who choose it. Then she will assist you in finding “your” primitive campsite on the land. There is a small shelter that is also available. At the completion of your solo experience, she will provide debriefing time as you complete your quest. All who have done this retreat have been deeply moved!

By appointment. Can be solo or group retreats.


Women’s Group Retreats

Regina offers her sacred healing space and the forest for your own personalized retreat. Consider a day or two with friends, co-workers, family and others of like mind who want to gather. At Forest Circles supported by your group, come together to rest, relax, rejuvenate and rejoice in who you are and where you want to go next. Regina offers opportunities for guided meditation, free-form group discussion, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, hiking, a night-time bonfire, drumming, art activities and group activity sharing. Pretty much however the group wants to spend their time at the retreat can be facilitated. Pot-luck meals are a significant part of most gatherings at Forest Circles. The fees vary with the program and are very reasonable.

Customized Group Retreats

Regina will assist you in custom-designing a retreat for you and your friends, coworkers or family at Forest Circles. The choices are many: a single day, an evening, a weekend, or more. We can accommodate up to eight for an overnight (with sleeping bags) at Regina’s residence. We are on the “look out” for a yurt for future gatherings and would appreciate help in locating one—a trade is an option.

Writer’s Retreat

Description to be up soon.